Backup connection Navicat to new computer

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In Navicat, choose File > Export Connections. The exported file (.ncx) contains all your connection settings.
Backup the exported file (.ncx).
Uninstall Navicat from the existing computer.**
Re-install Navicat in the new computer.
Open Navicat and choose File > Import Connections in the new computer.
** If you are using version 11 or above, please deactivate the registration key before uninstall Navicat.

When a new connection being established, Navicat will create a subfolder (with name in line with respective database) under the Settings Save Path/Settings Location. All backup (.psc, .psb), reports (.rtm), queries (.sql), import/export profile etc are stored within this subfolder. To look for the path, right-click the connection and choose Connection Properties/Edit Connection > Advanced > Settings Save Path/Settings Location.

In addition, all the saved profiles (e.g batch job profile) are stored in Profiles Save Path/Profiles Location. To look for the path, select Tools > Options, under Miscellaneous/File Locations.

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